Tribute to MailArt Series


$10 each

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The  collection of 5”x7” mixed media paintings is a tribute to the very intriguing world of MailArt.  Most MailArt that the artist C. Lou creates uses the medium of collage.  These mixed media paintings were created from different photography that C. Lou, has taken mainly during the first half of 2006.  Being trained in amateur photography over 10 years ago, the artist has once again picked up the camera and begun snapping photos of instant memories.  The majority of the photos used for the MailArt Series were from visiting a place the artist at one point called home.  Thus, there is a nostalgic feeling imposed from most of these small paintings due to the use of the black & white film.


So “What is MailArt?” you may ask…


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "MailArt is art which uses the postal system as a medium."  It is also one way for artists all over the world to exchange or send out their artwork without being juried.  Although there are some call to artists for mailart that only so many of the entries will be selected for a bricks and mortar show, most mailart projects include all who send in postcards.  MailArt can be created by using almost any medium as long as it can have a postage stamp affixed to it and it is mailed through the postal system.


Are you interested in participating in MailArt?  If so, please visit for more information on an upcoming nonjuried show to be exhibited in March 2007 at the Days Espresso & Coffee House and also April 6th, 2007 at the Expressions Gallery in downtown Louisville.  Or put a stamp on an original piece of mailart and send it to


COFFEE, P.O. BOX 991093, Louisville, KY  40269-1093

4513850972.jpg 4513850974.jpg 4513850983.jpg 4513850995.jpg 4513850998.jpg 4513850999.jpg 4513851001.jpg 4513851022.jpg 4513851027.jpg 4513851033.jpg

Clematis from the Garden

Petal Metal 01

At the Farm


Questionable Cattle

The Lonely Road Home


Birds and Bushes

On the Scent 01

Peace's Foyer SOLD

Petal Metal 02

On the Scent 02

4513851412.jpg 4513851414.jpg 4513851420.jpg 4513850990.jpg

KeeKee the Wonder Cat 02

KeeKee the Wonder Cat 01

Boat to Sushi Land

Church of Mr. Wrong