The Confused Tree

The Confused Tree is such named due to its location in the world and the timing that it was discovered by C.Lou.  The Confused Tree is located in a giant retailer's parking lot.  His playground is a tiny island of dirt in a sea of concrete.  


He must be confused...  If he could talk I think he would say, "How did I get HERE?  What happened to all the other trees?  Why do I have to be all alone and surrounded by these metal beasts and their masters?  There's got to be a better place - a home where there are other trees like me."


When I found this tree I felt like it was talking to me or me to him.  I was just as confused as he is.  I like to visit him sometimes.  I hate feeling lonely and hope that my comfort that I receive from him is reciprocated.


Below are some photos(#1-4) of the Confused Tree after a light snow.  It's a fairly good angle of him without having all the metal monsters and asphault sea taking up any footage.  

If you like him, you can purchase a 5"x7"($20) photo of him.  Email me and we'll set it up through paypal.  C. Lou

4512216445.jpg 4512216453.jpg 4512216457.jpg 4512216464.jpg