C. Lou Mailart Projects...

Creating Postcard Art and mailing them around the world = FUN!


"As opposed to the elitist and exclusionary rules of art projects which employ judges who select entried based upon the whims of the few, mailart welcomes the participation of nearly anyone who would like to create and share the results of their efforts with others."  

From http://www.artistampnews.com/datedcalls.html  or visit http://books.dreambook.com/dfd1313/dfd1313.html for other call for mailart.


To purchase a 4"x6" edition($10) of the below C.Lou created postcard mailart please email([email protected]).  Click on the below to find out how you too can participate in creating your own postcard art to submit the following countries.  Thanks!

4512214316.jpg 4512214320.jpg 4512214323.jpg 4512214327.jpg 4512214337.jpg 4512214343.jpg 4512214345.jpg 4512214350.jpg 4512214355.jpg 4512214356.jpg 4512214358.jpg 4512214360.jpg 4512214362.jpg 4512214369.jpg

Red  (France)

Martyrdom  (Montalbano Jonico, Italy)

Lemon Art (Massa Lubrense,   Italy)

Wealth and Poverty:  Mailart project Creativa 7

(Rignano Sull'Arno, Italy)

The Moon  (Belgium)