Examples of Artwork from 2005 SOLD

Waking Up I and II

oil on 14"x14"


Collector in Dallas, TX

Gerber Daisies commission piece

oil on 5"x5" panels


Collector in Dayton, OH

4512425024.jpg 4512424991.jpg 4512424995.jpg 4512424999.jpg 4512425009.jpg 4512425012.jpg

Large View - Daisy

one of 4 large blossoms painted on 8"x8" panels


Sold at St. James Art Fair 2005


Dragonfly - Purple on Yellow



All of the dragonflies were popular in 2005 at the St. James Art Fair.  Only some dragonflies on orange of the 5"x5" size are still available and one 10"x10" of 3purples on mustard is available.  All others sold out quickly last fall.  What happy creatures!