Examples of Artwork from 2004 SOLD

Sailboats Nightlife  I, II, and III

oil on 16"x20"eac


Collector in Indiana

Outer Banks I and II

Previously on view at the Spectra Gallery, Louisville, KY

Stoplight Sunflowers

oil on 14"x14"panels

Tiger Lilies

oil on 10"x10"

4512425424.jpg 4512425431.jpg 4512425437.jpg 4512425458.jpg 4512425471.jpg 4512425478.jpg 4512425473.jpg 4512425483.jpg 4512425485.jpg 4512425491.jpg 4512425494.jpg 4512425418.jpg 4512425420.jpg 4512425500.jpg

Stoplight Sunflowers

oil on 10"x10"panels


oil on 11"x14"

Chicago Skyline View from Hyde Park

oil on 16"x20"



Butterfly on Coneflower

oil on 8"x10"

More Irises


Laughing at Me

oil on 8"x10"

Drive by Daisies


Tulips 2004 I and II

oil on 9"x12"