Examples of Artwork from 2003 SOLD

Dean and Daisy

Portrait of Niece and Nephew

This took a very very long time. Commissions for portraits are ridiculously priced and can take 4 to 5 months and the cost of me visiting a pysch ward.

Village in Europe, acrylic 16x20

Village in Europe

There I feel better. The flashbacks of mixing flesh tones and making clear plastic look real are fading away, aahhh europe...

Alley in Europe, oil 16x20
Along the wooded path 2003, oil 8x10

Pathways We Chose

Alleyway in Europe
This was a fun painting, full of bright places to explore...

Bread and salsa 2003, oil 8x10
Calla Lilies 2003, oil 16x20

Salsa with Bread
8"x10" oil
Keeping it spicy in 2003.

Bouquet of Callas

Bahamas, oil 16x20
Girl in Red, oil 8x10

16"x20" oil
Abstract inspired by the beautiful waters of the islands.

Girl in Red
8"x10" oil
She's so hot; she even has a C. Lou
painting in the background.

A lifelong friend of mine sent me a postcard from her trip to the Grand Canyon. One day it resurfaced out of my piles of clutter and these paintings were born...

Horse in the hills oil 12x24
Canyon view from postcard 2003, oil 16x20

I was in the mood for sunflowers in 2003. These were inspired by giant 7 foot tall sunflowers in my garden that year. I dried the seeds and shared them with the birds. It was a good year.

Sunflower from the Garden II, acrylic 16x20
Sunflower from the Garden IV, acrylic 16x20
Sunflower from the Garden III, acrylic 16x20