Examples of Artwork from 2003 SOLD

Portrait of Niece and Nephew


This took a very very long time.  Commissions for portraits are ridiculously priced and can take 4 to 5 months and the cost of me visiting a pysch ward.

Pathways We Chose

A lifelong friend of mine sent me a postcard from her trip to the Grand Canyon.  One day it resurfaced out of my piles of clutter and these paintings were born...

I was in the mood for sunflowers in 2003.  These were inspired by giant 7 foot tall sunflowers in my garden that year.  I dried the seeds and shared them with the birds.  It was a good year.


16"x20" oil

Abstract inspired by the beautiful waters of the islands.

Girl in Red

8"x10" oil

She's so hot; she even has a C. Lou

painting in the background.

Salsa with Bread

8"x10" oil

Keeping it spicy in 2003.

Bouquet of Callas

Alleyway in Europe

This was a fun painting, full of bright places to explore...

4512496438.jpg 4512496440.jpg 4512496441.jpg 4512496444.jpg 4512496445.jpg 4512496446.jpg 4512496448.jpg 4512496450.jpg 4512496453.jpg 4512496468.jpg 4512496472.jpg 4512496476.jpg 4512496479.jpg 4512496483.jpg

Village in Europe


There I feel better.  The flashbacks of mixing flesh tones and making clear plastic look real are fading away, aahhh  europe...