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C. Lou Art Diary...


10/30/09   Surprise group show at Painted Planet tonight in Memphis(798 South Cooper)!  SURPRISE!  Also another surprise show at Expressions Gallery next Friday!  All sales will go to Wayside Christian Mission.  Come support the local homeless shelter.  It's helped so many people!


4/6/09  YIPPPEEE!  C. Lou artwork has been included in the INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE IN THE ARTS (IBHSA)  in Bulgaria at the House of Humor and Satire.  This is a regular event since 1973, the Biennial is held in May every odd-numbered year, and is comprised of the categories: cartoons, graphics, paintings, sculpture, posters and photographs.


2/24/09  Good news!  The NEW LIFE exhibit has been extended through the month of March until the 27th  and another gallery opening will take place on March 6th from 5pm-9pm.  Hope to see you there!


1/30/09  The NEW LIFE exhibit is scheduled for next Friday at the Expressions Gallery at the Corner of Market and Shelby Streets.  It is an installation examining pregnancy with 288 squares that are 4"x4" representing the 280 days of pregnany and all together forming a very large adorable baby. Come out between 6pm and 9pm for refreshments and a smile! :)


10/29/08  Yahoo the C. Lou site has just been added to http://www.kentuckianaart.org/artists.html  It's a local listing of Kentuckiana Artists.  Check it out! :)




Peace & Joy

Currently on exhibit at Wayside Expressions Gallery at the corners of Shelby and Market Streets is NEW LIFE:  BEGINNINGS.  An installation of 288 squares 4"x4" each concerning the daily chronological study of pregnancy.  GALLERY OPENING MARCH 6th 2009 FROM 5PM-9PM.  


More information below regarding the artwork...


New Life – Beginnings

288 squares 4“ x 4”

mixed media

Created by Cindy and Corey Magee


Where does life begin?  It is a debate that has gone on for centuries and centuries.  Our country has been in debate about New Life for quite some time.  Is it at conception?  Is it 22 days after conception when the heart can be recognized as beating?  Is it at birth?  I contend it is at conception when a new life is miraculously created at the joining of two lives.  It isn’t that the baby can ‘feel’ anything like you and I; it isn’t that the baby is ‘viable’ on it’s own; it isn’t that the baby is recognizable with eyes, ears, a nose.  No, it is that two people have come together and whether this union was meant for good or not, God has chosen to create the child regardless of circumstances for His glory.


Why is this debated?  Because not everyone believes where life began - before the womb was even part of the equation.  Were we originally created from a primordial soup that was mysteriously zapped by electrical current in the vast universe and evolved from that original state to celled organisms, to small creatures, and up through evolving through apes and then humans?  Are we actually on some cosmic journey to becoming gods and melding into one giant god?  Were we originally made by an all-knowing, all-loving creator who has a plan for each and every life ever formed – even to knowing the number of hairs on each person’s head?  


Whichever path you think that life originated from will direct your steps, will move you to your beliefs of the beginning of each and every life on the planet, and each path requires your faith.  No one in the present was there in the past at the beginning of time so each and every one of us has to decide our faith – is it in man’s theories, in God’s word and His love for you, in traditions of religions?  


Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


Where does your faith rest?

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If you or someone you know is considering abortion, please get all the facts about what will really happen to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Please get all the facts about what happens to your baby.  Please know that there is help out there for you.  

For more information on the harsh, destructive realities of abortion and the alternative choice you have for a true future, please visit  http://www.coalitionforlife.com/